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Our Team

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Dwarkesh Maheshwari
Founder & Project Lead

Dwarkesh is the brainchild of our creative design space who draws from years of experience working with coveted brands. He drives a sync between all our practices, and leads the way for all towards the company’s vision. With a knack for good design and great client relationships, Dwarkesh has established April Studios as one of the finest creative agencies in the market today. His motto of ‘nothing is impossible’ pushes the team to think out of the box and move mountains!

Sukoon Bablani
Creative Head

Sukoon is the creative genie who pulls the most amazing ideas out of her hat! Besides, she sets the quality standards and supervises all our design and communications work. She brings to the table vast experiences in the fields of fashion and design. Her strong execution and foresight with respect to ideas, makes her the bridge between our clients and the creative teams.

Haider Ali
Production Director

Haider loves to take on challenges that demand integration of aesthetics and innovation. He is a magician of studio spaces and is known to have the best teams that help him transform spaces. In fact, he can translate the most enormous and complex production possibilities into reality!

Sunny Shah
Technical Director

Sunny is a one-man-army who handles diverse functions with ease and efficiency, like photography, equipment, lighting, graphic design and editing. He is the quintessential link between production and design and assists all of them.